Sports Academy

SOHO24 FOUNDATION established its sports academy to scout for talented footballers within Nigeria's youth population. Sadly, most of these football talents are found in inopportune situations. Most are from very poor background and are unable to pursue their dreams. Some others are orphaned. The Sports Academy scouts for these youths with a view to training them and giving them international exposure. The academy training is FREE for these boys and their needs are catered for. Their needs include:
+ Feeding and Accomodation
+ Training Kit and sports wear
+ Maintenance of sports facilities like gym and football pitches
+ Transportation to external games, trainings or engagements etc

Since inception we have can proudly say we have trained 9 footballers who have gone on trials and placements in clubs in South American and Europe. We have also assisted other soccer academies send their trainees abroad. The SOHO24 Foundation relies on donations and sponsorship achieve these goals. You are welcome to donate or partner with us in giving hope to these kids.  Make a Donation 

Ifeanyi Ndubueze has love for the game of soccer and has a heart for youths. While coaching, he relates with the students as friends and brothers thus creating a very warm atmosphere. He counsels them with every sense of encouragement and determination in enhancing their talents for future glories in their careers. He is a graduate of Microbiology from Abia State University, Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria and had gone on several trainings as a football coach.

For a football match in Ilorin, Kwara State
Coach Ifeanyi Ndubueze
Coach Ifeanyi having a team talk
Charity donations to the SOHO24 Foundation
End of year celebrations
Feeding time at the Hostel

Our Academy has come up with various schemes which help instil disciple and motivate our students thus equipping them for a better future. Our schemes are as follows

1) Involvement in sporting and athletic training, activities, and competitions (both team sports and individual sports). Through involvement in sports, neglected children and young adults practice self-empowering exercises such as:
+ Setting and achieving short-term and long-term goals.
+ Developing inter-personal and communication skills such as listening and following direction.
+ Adopting positive, self-motivating mental and emotional patterns.
+ Learning how to be a "good loser".

2) Participation in Fitness and Health Educational Seminars, and Discussion Groups. During our seminars and small group meetings, children have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills that will help them achieve their dreams outside of the playing field. Some of our educational topics include:
+ Healthy Living: Nutrition and Exercise Habits to Last a Lifetime.
+ The Power of Positive Thinking.
+ Financial management: This is important as some of them transit to play for football clubs in Europe, South America and elsewhere. This gives them the discipline to manage their funds properly and have vision for life after football.
+ Team Work: Cooperating with Your Peers in order to Achieve Your Goal.
+ Conflict Resolution and Anger Management: How to Deal with Anger, and Other Feelings.

3) Successful Transition from the playing field to "the real world".
+ Our professionals act as liaisons for any child who shows remarkable performance in sporting activities and who shows interest in pursuing sports at a higher level.
+ We aid children in getting scholarships through sports to universities abroad.
+ We aid young adults and teenagers, who have graduated from secondary school, in finding work in their area of interest.

Two (2) of our boys recently left for football trials in Ukraine. They are Gideon Nnamdi and Musa Andetambe. View pictures below of their transition from SOHO24 academy to the airport and arrival in Ukraine. Such stories give us great encouragement as this is our dream for each of our students. We want them to play football at the highest level despite life's challenges. We encourage you to make donation(s) or partner with the SOHO24 Foundation.  Make a Donation 

Gideon & Musa at the SOHO24 Academy Hostel
Gideon training at the SOHO24 pitch
Gideon & Musa at the Abuja Airport
Gideon & Musa at the airport with coach Ifeanyi
Gideon & Musa on board a plane to Ukraine
Gideon & Musa's arrival at Ukraine

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